What is the distance and is it timed?

We encourage all participants to run at their pace for any distance they feel comfortable. The run is not timed, you can start at any time and run throughout the day.

How do I choose a running coach?

If you want to train for a specific distance we have dedicated coaches to guide you fro 2km, 5km and 10km. Pick your distance to pick your coach through the Training Programmes page, and check out all the training, nutrition and wellness guides available.

Where do I find training programmes?

All coaches' training programme are available to download from the Training Programmes page. Your options are for a 2km, 5km and 10km run. You can also access nutrition and wellness guides by each coach and tune into live webinars to ask them questions, follow their own fitness journeys and learn tips and tricks.

If I don’t want to take part in the training programmes, what else can I do?

You can partake in online workouts by searching for exercises to suit your goal. Make sure to test out these exercises beforehand to avoid injuring yourself.

Do I have to run?

You can walk, jog or run - the choice is yours. Participate at your own speed and comfort level.

What is Dubai Run?

Dubai Run, part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, is the biggest citywide fun run and encourages everyone in Dubai to complete 30 minutes of activity each day for 30 days. Welcoming residents and visitors of all ages, Dubai Run presented by Mai Dubai, will take place on 27 November 2020 when the entire city will be transformed into a personalised running track. Participants can walk, run and jog wherever they wish – including their own community, neighbourhood or favourite park. You can even run when you want, throughout the day! To help participants gear up, free virtual training programmes by some of the region's leading coaches are available to download online.

How do I know if I'm registered?

You will receive an email on the shared email address, confirming your participation.

I’ve signed up for the run. What is the next step?

Check out the virtual training programmes by our coaches. The programmes and guides can help you get in shape, improve your performance and get tips for nutrition and wellness too.

Are there age restrictions for the run?

The run is open to all ages. You can run with your little one, walk with your baby in a stroller - everyone is invitied to be a part of this iconic day! If you are under 17 you must have the permission of a parent of guardian to participate.

Can I run with my pet?

Absolutely! As long as your pet is on a leash, you're good.

How can I connect with other runners?

Share your journey on social media, tag @dubaifitnesschallenge and #DubaiRun. You will be able to find other runners through the same platforms.

Where can I run?

You can run in the safety of your neighborhood or community or anywhere you wish to in the city.

What time should I run?

You can run when you want, throughout the day, on 27 November.

How do I stay safe while running?

Keep a safe distance from other runners. Your group should consist of five people or fewer, in line with government guidelines.

How do I donate to a charity?

Dubai Run has partnered with Dubai Cares to supporttheir initiative Education Interrupted in helping children and youth across the UAE have access to the tools needed for distance learning. You can help us support this cause by making a donation through the Donate page.

Why Education Uninterrupted

We believe every child deserves a good education and the impact of COVID-19 has left many without access to school or distance learning. Dubai Cares' Education Uninterrupted campaign ensures equitable access to distance learning for all children and youth in the UAE. Together, we can raise funds to help low-income families have the tools for an uninterrupted academic year.