Manal Rostom

Manal Rostom

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Manal Rostom

Hi there, my name is Manal Rostom. By profession, I am a pharmacist. By choice, I’m a marathon runner, mountaineer, and fitness coach. Egyptian by birth, I grew up in Kuwait and now living in Dubai. Today, I’m proud to be a Nike Running Coach and to be the first Arab athlete featured on the international Nike+ Run Club App, with my own audio-guided runs.

I’ve completed 13 marathons (five out of the six majors) and climbed six mountains (two out of the seven world’s highest mountains). I’ve finished five sprint triathlons, and became the first woman to represent Egypt at The Great Wall of China Marathon in 2016, as well as the first Egyptian woman to summit Mont Blanc in the Alps. I also started a Facebook group in 2014 to empower Muslim women around the world, titled “Surviving Hijab”, giving them a platform to offer support, motivation, and advice to each other.

Every day, I am thankful for where I am and want to keep inspiring girls to be unafraid of attaining their dreams.

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